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Agency Cooperation


Office of Inspector General Cooperation and Policy 102

Each and every day, we are inspired by your commitment to AmeriCorps’ mission and the impact AmeriCorps makes in communities across the nation. The agency’s success depends on its ability to be effective stewards of federal dollars, in alignment with goal four in our strategic plan, and maintain accountability and transparency. The Office of Inspector General plays a critical role in fulfilling AmeriCorps’ mission by preventing and detecting fraud, waste, and abuse within the agency’s programs and operations...

Cooperating with the OIG Memo

May 9, 2023


Reporting Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, Cooperating with Office of Inspector General (OIG) Inquiries, and Whistleblower Protections

This policy sets forth the obligations of all AmeriCorps personnel at all levels (e.g., employees, contract employees, and members of the Board of Directors) to (a) report waste, fraud, and abuse to the OIG without taking further investigative steps; (b) cooperate with OIG inquiries; and (c) protect whistleblowers.

Reporting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Policy 

January 6, 2022