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AmeriCorps Issued a Debt Collection Notice and Revised Policy After Issues Were Identified with a Contractor’s Invoices

Date Issued
Report Number
Case ID 2018-004
Report Type
The AmeriCorps Office of Inspector General (AmeriCorps OIG) investigated allegations that a contractor submitted invoices under its Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with AmeriCorps that included unallowable and/or unsupported costs. AmeriCorps OIG’s investigation found evidence that the contractor billed AmeriCorps $167,714.42 in unallowable charges in violation of acquisition regulations and policies, including, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 31.201-2(d) Determining allowability, FAR 5.503(c) Proof of advertising, and AmeriCorps Acquisition Policy 5.1304(c) Invoice Certification, and the contractor lacked supporting documentation required by the BPA. In addition, the investigation found that the contractor both overbilled and underbilled AmeriCorps, the net of which favored the contractor.
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