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Performance Audit of AmeriCorps Seniors Grantees’ Financial Management Systems

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The audit of 15 AmeriCorps Seniors grantees found that their financial management systems did not comply with Federal regulations and grant terms and conditions. As a result of these deficiencies, we identified $268,627 in questioned Federal costs and $377,199 in non-compliant match costs reported on AmeriCorps grants. AmeriCorps waived match requirements for AmeriCorps Seniors grants during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was within our audit scope, so we could not question the $377,199 in unsupported match costs. We made recommendations for AmeriCorps to ensure that grantees strengthen their financial management systems and appropriately monitor costs reported on AmeriCorps grants. AmeriCorps agreed with our findings and recommendations and plans to evaluate the questioned costs through its audit resolution process.
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