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Audit of the Corporation for National and Community Service VISTA Grant Awarded to Conservation Legacy

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We engaged a contract audit firm to conduct an audit of the VISTA grant awarded to Conservation Legacy. The auditors found 40 percent of the VISTA projects tested were not sustained, which was similar to the finding in OIG report 18-12, VISTA Program Evaluation. In that report, the Office of Inspector General recommended the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) define sustainability and improve VISTA monitoring. In response to the VISTA Evaluation and in its March 11, 2019, Management Decision, CNCS concurred with these recommendations and included the corrective actions in process or completed. Therefore, there are no recommendations in this audit report. In its response to the draft report, Conservation Legacy stated it was pleased the report did not contain findings. The grantee noted it is committed to improving the sustainability of the projects and looks forward to continuing to provide economically challenged communities with resources to help tackle pressing issues of poverty.
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