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Anti-Fraud Advisory

Vol. 2 March 2024


Anti-Fraud Advisory Volume 2

What is Timekeeping Fraud

Timekeeping fraud occurs when agency employees, contractors, grantee staff, or AmeriCorps members and volunteers are dishonest about their time. This includes 1) Intentionally charging time to an AmeriCorps grant that is knowingly false or incorrect, 2) Showing a reckless disregard for timekeeping laws, rules, and regulations, (e.g., turning a
blind eye), or 3) Staff modifying volunteer(s) time records without any basis or authorization.

Did You Know?

Did you know that 30% of all OIG investigation cases opened since 2019 have been related to allegations of false or problematic timekeeping, many resulting from preventable situations?

Read on to find out how you can protect your program and your community.

Additional Resources

These additional resources may help you to avoid timekeeping fraud.

AmeriCorps Uniform Monitoring Package:

  • UMP 01.09
  • UMP 11.01.06
  • UMP 11.02.04

AmeriCorps State and National Member Timesheet Outline

LITMOS: AmeriCorps Seniors Grantee Essentials TTA Call: October 2022 “Project Policies”

AmeriCorps Seniors Sample Timesheet

LITMOS: Timekeeping Training for AmeriCorps Grantees Volunteer Activity Reporting

Vol. 1 November 2023


Anti-Fraud Advisory Volume 1

Combatting Fraud as a Strategic Priority

AmeriCorps’ March 2022 Strategic Plan identified “strengthen agency and program integrity by protecting AmeriCorps resources from fraud and mismanagement” as a sub-objective to Strategic Goal 4: Effectively Steward Federal Resources. To communicate the importance of combatting fraud as a strategic priority, programs using AmeriCorps funds should message how fraud negatively impacts communities served and takes resources away from those in need; reinforce through training that fraud includes falsifying timesheets and other records; and provide recipients with steps to take if they suspect fraud, including contacting the Office of Inspector General.

Additional Resources

AmeriCorps Strategic Plan

International Fraud Awareness Week November 12-18, 2023

Occupational Fraud 22: A Report to the Nations, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)