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Reports: Investigations

Seniors Serve with Improper Background Checks / Disallowed Grant Costs

Report Number

A hotline complainant alleged that a Florida Senior Corps grantee (1) inaccurately allocated staff time between the Senior Companion Program (SCP), Foster Grandparent Program (FGP), and Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) grants; and (2) improperly used of Senior Corps volunteers (volunteers) assigned to SCP, resulting in inaccurate charges to the Senior Corps grants and noncompliance with program requirements.

, FL, United States

Commission Officials Misuses Federal Program Funds

Report Number

CNCS-OIG investigators determined that District of Columbia Commission officials misused Federal program funds when they purchased T-shirts for events held by the Mayor's Office. As a result of the investigation and CNCS program and grant officials' review, management recovered $45,455.29 in disallowed and misspent funds.

Washington, DC, United States

Commission Employee Violates Conflict of Interest Policy

Report Number

CNCS-OIG investigators found that a Nevada Commission employee violated the Commission's conflict of interest policy when the employee received a small item from an AmeriCorps subgrantee for his personal business.

, NV, United States

Agency Employee Terminated for False Statement and Timesheet Fraud

Report Number

CNCS management reported that a CNCS employee may have submitted fraudulent timesheets when she claimed hours not worked. CNCS management terminated the employee and sought $772.96 for hours not worked.

Washington, DC, United States