AmeriCorps Member Performed Prohibited Religious Activities

AmeriCorps Member Performed Prohibited Religious Activities

Closed 7/31/19

CNCS-OIG investigated allegations that AmeriCorps members (members) in the City of Orlando, Orlando Partnership for School Success (O-PASS) AmeriCorps Program, Orlando, FL, submitted false timesheets and displaced staff. The investigation did not substantiate those allegations. However, during its investigation, CNCS-OIG determined one member violated 45 C.F.R. § 2520.65(7), when she performed prohibited religious instruction as part of her AmeriCorps service.

Agency/Administrative Actions

CNCS management responded and concurred with CNCS-OIG’s recommendations. CNCS reported that City of Orlando provided additional training to its service sites on prohibited activities and member service activities and the Commission confirmed the hours performing prohibited religious instruction were disallowed and removed from the member’s timesheet.

Case ID 2018-033